Frosted window film

Frosted window film is a great way of allowing natural light to flow through to your living or work spaces while creating an effective shield against prying eyes. This makes it a perfect fit for spaces that require a degree of privacy; including office meeting spaces, workstation cubicles or even bathroom windows.

What’s more, frosted glass window film is a very versatile film that allows designs and decorative patterns to be etched into. This allows you to add a touch of class and design while still benefiting from the awesome properties of frosted glass window film!

Decorative frosted window film can be of virtually any design imaginable! Whether you’re after a seamless pattern across the entire film, or you’d like the names of your meeting spaces engraved in, the possibilities are endless. And plus, choose from our library of frosted window designs or go all out and create your own custom pattern!


Find the right frosted glass film

Learn more about frosted glass window film by speaking to our dedicated sales team. With over 35 years’ experience in the window tinting industry, our team can help find the right frosted glass film for your individual requirements.