Benefits of reflective window film

Reflective window film as the name suggests, is a film that has very high reflective properties. This makes it a great investment for your homes’ comfort because:

  • Unparalleled privacy: reflective film for windows offer unmatched privacy, even compared to darker shades of tint. This is because the film makes the glass surface similar to that of a mirror, which makes it a great choice for privacy window film irrespective of what window it is applied on!
  • Exceptional heat and glare rejection: by bouncing back a significant proportion of infra-red radiation, reflective window tint greatly helps reduce the amount of heat and glare entering your living spaces, especially in the warmer months.
  • Protects your furniture and carpets: due to the reduction in radiation and ultraviolet exposure, your home furnishings, rugs and carpets are shielded from fading, discolouration and cracking. This means your contents look newer for longer!


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