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If you’re looking for a way to tackle the rising energy costs, consider window tint film. With all year protection, tinted house windows are a great addition to any house or office – big or small. Tint film works by creating an effective barrier for your windows, allowing it to trap heat inside during the cooler months, and keep heat away during the warmer seasons.

Being an official 3M partner, our range includes many high quality products. Some examples are:

  • 3M Scotchtint Night Vision – An innovative line of 3M window tint that combines excellent heat rejection and reduces glare while enhancing clarity. It also features low internal reflectivity especially at night.
  • Neutral Sun Control – A classic line of 3M tint that features varying levels of darkness. With the option of having a clear window film or a darker shade, reduce exposure to heat and glare while enjoying uncompromised views day and night.

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