Projects Details

project Detail

• Interior Design solutions for Architectural markets
• Creative alternatives to any material
• Capabilities range from office to hospitality, health care, retail, corporate and even marine
• Entertainment, atmosphere and multi-sensory stimulation to capture visitors' attention and leave a lasting impression
• Some products most suited to hospitals are resistant to water, dirt and impacts, promoting hygiene and cleanliness

Projects Detail


Sunscreen is bringing its unique solutions to the architecture and design community. We bring strong tradition of innovation into the design world to help commercial architects, designers and building owners create amazing spaces.

Today, managers of public places have to take account with the needs of their customers, often requiring frequent changes and renovation.

3M Architectural Markets Design solutions make it easy to adapt furniture to new trends and fashions without the need to remove & replace heavy complex structures. The alternative to expensive purchases of furniture is given by 3M and Sunscreen to ensure fast, versatile and affordable refurbishment, without sacrificing aesthetics.


It is important when products are specified that correct details are provided to ensure the specified brand of film is used and that it meets customer requirements.

Many films may appear ‘Similar’ but are nowhere near ‘Equivalent’. If specifications are written and followed by ‘or similar’ the customer may receive an inferior product.

When a substitute product is used the following problems are common:

  • Film Shrinkage
  • Crazing
  • Bubbling
  • De-Lamination
  • Discolouration

When specifying a 3M film, you can guarantee your client of a quality product and installation, both being warranted by the manufacturer, 3M. By specifying Sunscreen Pty Ltd as the recommended installer, you can be confident that our company has the full backing and support of 3M Australia Pty Ltd.

For further information on the 3M warranties that are now available with all our films, please contact a sales representative.